Thursday, February 25, 2010

I had no idea. Looking back over the past years I still can’t believe I’m where I am today. Simply the awareness of where I was scares me to my core, and the distance from that person, to the person I am is nothing short of a living, breathing testament of God’s grace and love. As you read you, like me, may question that love and grace as circumstances have brought me and perhaps you to the point of meltdown. But you will be encouraged to read of God’s utter faithfulness in the middle of my darkest place, and the proof of how He blesses. First I’ll begin with my story. The God given wisdom I’m blessed to have is nothing if not seasoned with experience, pain and a harsh dose of reality. But you’ll love the story because it has the best ending. And after my story, I’ll share that wisdom in hopes you’ll save yourself a few tears and a whole lot of stress along the road of life we share. Let’s start with a prayer:

Father, wow, I’m humbled to tell the story of life you’ve written for me. Let it be useful for your kingdom and bring you glory alone. Let the words you give me find good soil in the hearts of the reader and may your wisdom penetrate their hearts provoking change, forgiveness and grace. I love you. Amen.